About Us

Our Passion

We believe everyone wants to own a simple, warm, neat and tidy, stylish and comfortable home. That's why we take great care to design home accessories and decoration accessories that are functional yet stylish, problem solving yet simple.

Our Design

Each of our design drawn upon our simple, comfortable, casual, and are expertly crafted from the best of materials with an eye for standards. Every when you go home, you can feel comfortable, casual and relaxed.

Our Commitment

Everyone wants their home is simple, but especial and stylish, so we're dedicated to design all kinds of storage and decorative products are useful and unique. Our small team at Wisdom Decor works hard to make most thoughtful, highest gifts for you and your families.

Soft Skin Touch Fabric

Exquisite craftsmanship and special design enable the texture of the pillow cover dense and beautiful. Cotton woven throw pillow covers are breathable, warm and heat-resistant.

Story Behind Wisdom Decor

Home & Kitchen are, and have always behind what we do. Wisdom Decor was founded in 2020 by Kunal Dhingra who were designing his storage & organization and accessories and couldn’t find simple, stylish, but functional products. Since then, it’s been our mission to bring the utmost in quality, simple, elegant and functional into every home. We’re proud to offer our exclusive collection of shelf baskets, storage bin & boxes, laundry baskets, and home & kitchen accessories at Wisdom Decor. From living room to bedroom, from balcony to kitchen, our design make it easy to give you and your family a neat, warm, and comfortable home.

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Made of high-quality fabrics with a beautiful texture which naturally gets softer with use, these cushions are favourite accents and a popular gift.